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Mammolina Children's Home
Montessori Kindergarten
School location: Chaoyang District, Xiangjiang Beilu, Liyuan Xiaoqu A36
Postal Address: Jianguomen Guojiyouju 100600-6739
Beijing 100600
Tel. (8610) 84705128
Fax. (8610) 84705127



Our kindergarten is made up of children from 2 ˝ to 6 years old. They share the classroom and the teachers/directresses for three years if enrolled for the full length of the offered program.

In this multi-age setting, children learn from each other. The younger ones see what is coming next and the older children share their knowledge. This eases the integration of the new and younger members of our school community.

Children are free to move about the classroom, select their own activities, and work by themselves or with a friend or group of friends.

The Montessori prepared environment is a child centered environment, where all work is "hands on.” One child may be scrubbing a table while another is composing words with movable letters. An older child reads to a younger, while yet another, being tired, decided to take a little nap.

All over the classroom, children are busy. They work alone or in groups, concentrating on their own activities. A budding painter handles paper, brushes and color, while another manipulates a long string of one thousand beads and marvels at its length There is time for sharing, singing, story telling, and preparing food.

Montessori classrooms are as busy as a beehive! Children experience a true sense of community, taking responsibility for themselves, for others, and for the classroom. Respect for oneself and others is learnt spontaneously from constant practice.

The program we offer is usually referred to in most Montessori schools in North America as the Extended Day program. It includes the morning and afternoon. During this time the work of the child covers all traditional five areas of the Montessori program: exercises of Practical Life, Sensorial activities, Language (writing and reading), Mathematics and Culture. “Culture” in a Montessori context includes history, geography, art, music, rhythmic activities as well as aspects of the Natural Sciences such as Biology and Physics.

Observing a Montessori classroom is the best way to see a vibrant, hands-on environment.

Parents are encouraged to observe their children at work in the classroom. Please call our administration office to make an appointment and make the proper arrangements.

IMPORTANT: Please take notice that classroom observations can be scheduled starting only after the October 1 break.

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